What is Telnet? What is Telnet in Hindi (Telnet Full form)

Very few people will know about Telnet, which is used for network. It is mandatory for computer and networking students to know about it. In this article basic information about Telnet is given.

What is Telnet? (Telnet in Hindi)

The full form of Telnet is, Terminal Networkor telecommunications network,

It is a network protocol used to access remote computers over the Internet. It provides two-way interactive communication between computers on the Internet and on a local network (LAN). It works on the client/server principle.

Telnet is a command-line interface (CLI) where text-based communication can be done. It does not support graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

The computer that initiates the connection is known as the local computer. The computer which is being connected i.e. which accepts the connection is known as remote computer.

When a connection is established between the local and remote computers. Whatever is being done on the remote computer during Telnet operation will also be displayed by the local computer.

Telnet access

  • Telnet can be used for a variety of activities on the server, such as editing files, running programs, and checking email, etc.
  • Telnet is typically used by terminal emulation programs that allow you to log in to a remote host.
  • Some servers do remote connections using Telnet to access public data.
  • If there is any problem inside the big network, then you can solve that problem through remote access without going physically.
  • TELNET is also used by other protocols such as FTP.

Security in Telnet

Telnet is not a secure protocol and is unencrypted. By monitoring users’ connections, anyone can access the person’s username, password and other personal information. In telnet typed in plane-text which can be easily achieved.

Over time, Telnet usage declined and SSH (Secure Shell) usage increased. Its use has decreased due to security deficiencies. Telnet lacks authentication policies and data encryption.

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