What is web browser – What is web browser in Hindi

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What is browser – What is browser in Hindi

What is web browser - What is web browser in Hindi

A web browser or browser is an application program. which provides a way to view and interact with all information on the World Wide Web, including web pages, videos, and images

The term “browser” originated from the web as a generic term for user interfaces. Which lets you browse (navigate and read) text files online. Many people today use web browsers to access the Internet and it is almost seen as a necessity.

A web browser is a client program that uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to make requests to web servers across the Internet on behalf of the browser user.

Most browsers support e-mail and File Transfer Protocol (ftp). But those Internet protocols do not require a web browser and more specialized client programs are more popular.

Let me tell you for your information that the first web browser named World Wide Web was created in 1990. That browser was renamed Nexus to avoid confusion with the developing information space known as the World Wide Web.

The first web browser with a graphical user interface was Mosaic, which appeared in 1993. In the modern era, along with the increasing era of technology, many types of browsers have been developed which come with very good features.

Features found in normal web browsers

Most of the web browsers share standard features like –

Home button → Which, when selected, will bring the user to a pre-defined homepage

Web address bar → which allows users to input a web address and visit a website

Back and Forward buttons → button which will take the user to the previous or next page the user was on earlier

Refresh → A button that can be used to reload a web page

Stop → a button that stops web communication with a web server or prevents a page from loading

Tabs → Which allows users to open multiple websites in a single window

Bookmark → Which allows the user to select websites.

Many browsers also offer plugins that extend the capabilities of the browser. These plugins can allow users to use functions such as – for example – adding security features

How web browser works – How web browser works

A web browser takes you anywhere on the Internet. It receives information from other parts of the web and displays it on your desktop or mobile device

The browser transfers information using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol which defines how text, images and videos are displayed on the web. This information needs to be shared and displayed in an accurate way so that people anywhere in the world using any browser can view the information

Sadly, not all browser makers support the same format. For users, this means that a website may look and function differently. Creating uniformity between browsers, so that any user can enjoy the Internet, regardless of which browser they choose, is called Web Standards

When a web browser receives data from a server connected to the Internet, it uses a piece of software called a rendering engine to convert that data into text and images. This data is written in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and web browsers read the code that we see, hear and experience on the Internet.

Hyperlinks help users to lead to paths to other pages or sites on the web. Each webpage, image and video has its own unique Uniform Resource Locator (URL). also known as web address

When a browser visits a server for data, the web address tells the browser where to look for each item written in HTML. The browser then knows where it can go to the web page.

What are the popular web browsers

One of the most used browsers currently is Google Chrome. Some other browsers are as follows –

  • Google Chrome browser
  • firefox browser
  • Microsoft Edge browser
  • Safari browser
  • Lynx browser
  • Opera browser
  • Flock browser

firefox → which was developed by mozilla

Microsoft Edge → This browser was developed for Internet Explorer with Windows 10

Safari → It’s a browser for Apple’s computers and mobile devices

Lynx → Text Only Browser for Unix Shell and VMS Users

Opera → A fast and stable browser that is compatible with most relatively operating systems.

Flock → An open source browser based on Firefox and optimized for Web 2.0 features such as blogging and social bookmarking

in short

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