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What is World Wide Web – World Wide Web in Hindi

The World Wide Web (www), also known as the Web, is a collection of websites or web pages stored in web servers that are connected to local computers via the Internet.

These websites contain text pages, digital images, audio, video etc. Users can access the content of these sites from any part of the world over the Internet using devices like computers, laptops, cell phones, etc. Enables the retrieval and display of text and media on your device with the World Wide Web (www), the Internet

A web page is assigned an online address called a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). A special collection of web pages that are related to a specific URL is called a website. That’s why the World Wide Web is like a huge electronic book whose pages are stored on many servers around the world.

Smaller websites store all their webpages on a single server. But large websites or organizations keep their webpages on different servers in different countries so that when users from a country search their site, they get the information from the nearest server quickly.

Therefore, the web provides a communication platform for users to receive and exchange information over the Internet. Unlike in a book, where we go from page to page in a sequence, on the World Wide Web we follow a web of hypertext links to get to web pages.

To go from that web page to other web pages or to access the web you need a browser. what happens on your computer

Difference Between World Wide Web and Internet – WWW vs Internet in Hindi

Some people use the terms ‘Internet’ and ‘World Wide Web’ interchangeably. They think that these two words are the same, but it is not so. The Internet is completely different from the World Wide Web (www)

The Internet is a network of devices such as Laptops, Tablets and Computers etc. that is spread all over the world. With the help of which a user is able to send emails to other users as well as chat online. For example, you are using the Internet when you send an email or chat with someone online

But, when you have opened a website like google.com for information then you are using the World Wide Web. A network of servers on the Internet, you request a webpage from your computer using a browser and the server renders that page in your browser

Your computer is called a client which runs a program (web browser) and asks the other computer (server) for the information it needs

How the World Wide Web Works – How does the WWW work

Now, we understand that WWW is a collection of websites connected to the Internet so that people can search and share information. Now let us understand how the World Wide Web works?

The Web (www) operates according to the basic client-server format of the Internet. Servers store and transfer web pages or information to user’s computers on the network when requested by users

A web server is a software program that serves web pages requested by web users using a browser. The computer of the user requesting the documents from the server is known as the client

The browser, which is installed on the user’s computer, allows the users to view the recovered documents. All websites are stored in web server

The website occupies space in the server and is stored in it, just as someone lives in a house on rent. Whenever a user requests his webpage the server hosts the website and the website owner has to pay the hosting cost for the same

The World Wide Web (www) starts working as soon as you open the browser and type the URL in the address bar or do some search on Google. There are three main technologies involved in transferring information (web pages) from server to client (users’ computers). These technologies include Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), and web browsers.

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) in Hindi

HTML is a standard markup language used to create web pages. It describes the structure of web pages through HTML elements or tags.

These tags are used to organize the pieces of content like title, paragraph, table, image and more.

When you open a web page, you do not see HTML tags because browsers do not display tags and use them only to present the content of the web page. In simple words, HTML is used to display text, images, and other resources through a web browser.

What is web browser – What is web browser in Hindi

A web browser is a program commonly known as a browser. Which displays text, data, images, videos, animations and more. It provides a software interface that allows you to click on hyperlinked resources on the World Wide Web (www)

When you double-click on the browser icon installed on your computer to launch it, you can search Google or type a URL into the search bar. then you connect to the world wide web

In the beginning, browsers were only used for browsing due to their limited capacity. Today, they’re more advanced. With browsing you can use them for e-mailing, transferring multimedia files, accessing social media sites, and participating in online discussion groups, etc.

Some of the commonly used browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and more

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) in Hindi

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application layer protocol. Which enables WWW to work smoothly and effectively. It is based on the client-server model. A client is a web browser that communicates with the web server hosting the website.

This protocol defines how messages are formatted and transmitted and what actions the web server and browser should take in response to various commands. When you enter the URL in the browser an HTTP command is sent to the web server and it transmits the requested web page.

When we open a website using a browser a connection is opened to the web server and the browser communicates with the server via HTTP and sends a request

HTTP is carried over TCP/IP to communicate with the server. The server processes the browser’s request and sends a response and then the connection is closed. Thus, the browser fetches the content from the server for the user.

in short

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