What is Yara virus, its origin, symptoms and remedies. Brazil Yara Virus In Hindi

What is Yara virus, its origin, symptoms and remedies [Brazil Yara Virus Symptoms, Treatment, Origin In Hindi]

In today’s time, the biggest danger is increasing due to corona virus. Which started from where and has spread to many cities all over the world. Now another virus which has come in front of the world as a problem, which the scientist has named Yara virus. Now you must be thinking that one virus has not left the chase and another virus has come again. So let us tell you that this virus is not a problem for humans like coronavirus because this virus is not found in humans but in anything else and spreads in them.

Yara Virus Symptoms, Treatment, Origin In Hindi]

Where did Yara virus come from?

According to the news, Yara virus has been detected by scientists in the country of Brazil. You must be wondering why this virus has been named Yara virus, then let us tell you that in Brazil water is called as Yara and this virus has been seen in amoeba found in water, due to which this virus is known as Yara. Known as the Yara virus.

You must have learned about what is an amoeba in the introductory classes. Amoeba is an organism that has only one cell, whereas if seen in our body, there are many millions of cells present. Yara virus is a virus that infects the Xl present in the amoeba, due to which it becomes infected and infects the cells of other amoeba.

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Friend virus Of Name Friend virus Why kept Gone?

This virus is given the name Yara virus because it is found in water and in Brazil water is called as Yara. Apart from this, a supernatural mermaid named Yara is found in Brazil, whose name is Yara, hence it has also been named Yara virus after the name of the mermaid.

Experts have obtained information about where and how the corona virus originated, but scientists have not been able to find out the origin of Yara virus. Where and how did it originate? Scientists say that the kind of genes that have been seen in these viruses, such genes have not been seen before.

This is the first time it has been observed that it is not a small but a very large virus infecting amoebas, it has been said by virologist Jonatas Abraho, a senior author from the Brazilian Music University Meins Gyaras. He said that many virus gene signatures have been discovered in the data in thousands of environmental districts and how rare this virus is can also be estimated by looking at it.

This infection has been found in amoeba living in Lake Pampulah in Brazil. Due to not knowing much about Yara virus, it has also been given the name of Muscarius virus. The database of all the viruses that have attacked Amoeba till date is present in the books of experts, but this is the first virus about which even experts are not fully aware, so they are doing a thorough investigation.

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Such thorough investigation is being done by experts about Corona virus and Yara virus because if their information is already available in the coming future, then the future generation will be ready to face this problem.

virus Of about something Important information

  • Experts do a lot of intensive research on the genome of each virus, only after which they can find out which virus is caused by which genome.
  • According to experts, a total of 74 types of organisms are found in microorganisms, out of which only 6 genomes are already known to experts.
  • This means that experts need to do extensive research on more than 90% of the genome to find the virus. One of them is the genome that generates the Yara virus, which is very important for experts to detect.

difference between virus and bacteria

Viruses are such that by contaminating the cell of human or organism, they spread the infection everywhere. Whereas there is a cell present in bacteria which can be treated with antibiotics if it infects a person or organism, but virus cannot be treated with antibiotics either.

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