Who is the No 1 real estate company in India?

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As we all know real estate business is most profitable in India because of demand in India. The demand is very high and real estate is a world wide business which you can run in India by setuping agency. If you want to increase the area of work then you can easily do it.

Real estate is a most profitable industry that encompasses various activities like buying, selling, development, and management of land, buildings, and other real property. The real estate business involves a wide range of activities and services that’s why it is always in demand in any season.

What is Real Estate Business

Real Estate Business is a world famous business which is always in demand in India or other countries. The business of real estate is a serious business nowadays. It has great opportunities for earning but it also has high competition. 

The business of real estate is a serious business which has high earning potential. And it is a gold mine for the brokers and for the agency through this business they earn a lot. As we all know that in India or in the world there are lot of rich men who have lots of money but they want a right place to invest and the great place for investment is investing in house or land etc.

According to 2019, there are 3.7 million square feet of commercial land used for real estate businesses. And according to some records, the real estate industry will be worth over $1 Trillion by 2030.

Who is the No 1 real estate company in India?

LF is India’s largest publicly listed real estate company which is most trusted by the investors of india. It was mainly founded in 1946 by Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh.

He was a great man who founded this company and faced lots of problems in starting but after some years of hard work as we can see the result now LF became the No1 real estate company in India.

LF is to be considered the largest and most famous commercial real estate in India. DLF has residential, commercial, and retail properties in 15 states and 24 cities.

What is the future of real estate in India?

The future of real estate in India by 20240 will grow to Rs. 65,000 crore (US$ 9.30 billion) from Rs. 12,000 crore (US$ 1.72 billion) in 2019. The real estate sector in India is expected to reach a market size of US$ 1 trillion by 2030 from US$ 120 billion in 2017 and contribute 13% to the country’s GDP by 2025. 

So by the above date you can see the demand of real estate  business in india. So the conclusion is that the real estate business will grow from time to time, so if you want to make a future in this business you will be happy to know the future of real estate in India will grow.


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