Who is the owner of WhatsApp, which country’s company is this?

In this article we will see that who owns whatsapp Which country’s company is this? In today’s time, WhatsApp has become the world’s most popular messaging service with photos of Good Morning and Good Night, with fake messages from WhatsApp University. You must also be using WhatsApp There is a platform that has more than 500 million users all over the world, WhatsApp’s Android and iOS application has been downloaded by more than 500 million people.

who owns whatsapp

WhatsApp is a social media application where you can send messages, photos, videos and apply status, as well as send money on WhatsApp. On WhatsApp, you can create groups to connect with people, make video calls and also do broadcasting.

A lot of care has also been taken about privacy on WhatsApp, whatever media you transmit on WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted. End-to-end encryption is a very advanced factor in security. The trend of WhatsApp is very much in today’s time, for the time being WhatsApp has started for business people. WhatsApp Business has also been launched

Here you can create catalogs of your products and send them to your customers in a more convenient way. At present, WhatsApp is running as an application, it also started as an application but later on WhatsApp wants to hold its own on every single platform and gradually the functions and features are also increasing here.

who owns whatsapp

The owner of WhatsApp is Meta Company and the owner of Meta Company is Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of WhatsApp as well as Facebook and Instagram. That’s why the WhatsApp company is owned by Mark Zuckerberg. But the WhatsApp company was not created by Mark Zuckerberg or the Meta company, WhatsApp was created by two people named Jan Koum and Brian Acton, but WhatsApp was bought by Facebook in 2014 for $ 19 billion.

For your information, let us tell you that the Facebook company has currently changed its name to Meta, that’s why all the rights of WhatsApp are with the Meta company. 25% of the world’s population use WhatsApp than me, you do not get to see any advertisement on this app, it is completely free to use.

who owns whatsapp

What country company is whatsapp

The owners of WhatsApp were residents of America, so we can say that WhatsApp is a company of America, but when WhatsApp was bought by Facebook, all its ownership went to Facebook. But WhatsApp is still a US company because all the business of Facebook ie Meta company runs in America and they also started in America.

launch of whatsapp

WhatsApp was started in the year 2009, Brian Acton and Jan Koum started this application.These two youths had worked together in Yahoo company before forming WhatsApp, after leaving Yahoo company, they applied for jobs in Facebook and Twitter but they got the rejection, it is surprising that about 5 years after getting the rejection. Only later did Facebook pay $ 19 billion for their application.

Jan Koum hails from a middle class family, who was born in 1976 in a small town in Ukraine, his father worked in a construction company, after completing his schooling, Jan Koum did further studies at Sun Jose State. I did university.

He was very good at math and computer science. Jan Koum’s partner Brian Acton was also from a middle-class family, who was born in the US state of Michigan, after completing his schooling from Lake Howell High School, he attended Michigan State University. Further studies were continued.

There are many stories related to the beginning of WhatsApp, one of which is that Jan Koum was very fond of going to the gym but when he was in the gym, he could not receive the calls of his friends because he had a good knowledge of application development. So an idea came to his mind that why not make an application that can show the status of what I am doing at the moment.

Inspired by this, he created an application called WhatsApp, but in that application you could not send messages like today’s WhatsApp, where only the status feature was given.

Actually WhatsApp has come from English What’s Up which means in Hindi what is the condition, so WhatsApp was initially created only to tell the condition that it was a new thing in it and people started using this application very extensively. .

But gradually Brian Acton and Jan Koum started to suspect that people are using this application to do conversations because when a Jana would put a status, his friend would also put the status in front of him, that’s why they sent a message here. Service has also been started so that people can easily do conversations.

why whatsapp became popular

You would know that once in the middle, Facebook started charging people for using WhatsApp, although it was later made free and now WhatsApp is absolutely free but let me tell you that WhatsApp is free in the beginning too. Was. When WhatsApp was started, apart from WhatsApp, the facility of sending free messages was available only in Blackberry mobiles, that is why WhatsApp became quite popular.

In order to run WhatsApp conveniently, Jan Koum and Brian Acton had also hired a team of some developers, they used to have a group which used to handle all the business of WhatsApp. They had run WhatsApp as a free service, so they did not earn much, but as WhatsApp became popular, funding started coming from the investors.e.

WhatsApp did not do any kind of advertising and without any marketing, WhatsApp became popular because people liked WhatsApp and they shared WhatsApp with their friends, that’s why there was a lot of organic growth of WhatsApp. By 2011, WhatsApp had come in the 10 most used applications in the Play Store.

Some interesting facts related to WhatsApp

  • The verification code that goes while creating an account on WhatsApp was the biggest expense in the early days of WhatsApp, that is, in the cost of running WhatsApp, most of the cost was spent for that verification code, that is, for the company to run WhatsApp smoothly. The running cost was very less.
  • Two of its founders were given jobs by the Facebook company along with buying WhatsApp, but after that time they left their jobs saying that the Facebook company is taking WhatsApp in a different direction, which they do not like.
  • More than 100 billion messages are sent on WhatsApp every day.
  • During the Corona period of March 2020, WhatsApp users had increased by 40%, this was because schools started teaching children online due to the lockdown, so many young children also came on WhatsApp.
  • There are many websites on the Internet that give girls WhatsApp numbers and provide different categories of groups.

In this article we saw that who owns whatsapp Which country’s company is this, hope you have liked the article and understood the given information correctly, friends, in this article I talked about who is the owner of WhatsApp, along with this I told you how WhatsApp company started. and where is whatsapp company If you want any more information about WhatsApp, then you can ask by commenting in the comment box.

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