Who is the owner of Wikipedia, which country is this company from?

In today’s article we will know that Who is the owner of Wikipedia, which country is this company from? Along with this, we will learn about many more things such as what is Wikipedia, what are its features. Friends today in this article Wikipedia Owner We will discuss above in detail after reading this article, you are going to have a lot of knowledge, so definitely read the article till the end.

who owns wikipedia

Wikipedia Ka Malik Kaun Hai Aur Ye Kis Desh Ki Company Hai So without wasting time let’s start the article as soon as possible and know I hope you will like this article of ours.

Whenever we want to know about someone or want to get any information, we often search the question in Google, although there are millions of websites in the Internet, but Wikipedia is the most common in all of them because most of Google’s questions are answered by Wikipedia. So let’s know about it,

what is wikipedia

Wikipedia One Open Encyclopedia Edited by contributors from all over the world It is a multilingual, web-based open content encyclopedia project, the word Wikipedia is made up of two words – wiki (ie quick) and encyclopedia (ie encyclopedia), you will find many things on the internet. Websites will be seen but Wikipedia is used by people to get accurate and accurate information about any topic, this website is operated by the non-profit Wikipedia Foundation.

Articles are written on Wikipedia by people from all over the world in different languages, with the help of which we can get information about different topics, Wikipedia is an open source website that means the person who has an account on Wikipedia One can write articles in any language according to his wish, and can also modify the articles written by other people according to his need.

With its help, people are able to share their ideas and knowledge with others for free, there are also some restricted pages on Wikipedia that you cannot edit, in today’s time Wikipedia has more than 58 million in 300 different languages. More articles are available The number of articles on Wikipedia is increasing day by day because with the passage of time the number of internet users is also increasing.

who owns wikipedia

Founding of Wikipedia Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales It was born on 15 January 2001 in Florida State, USA. Wikipedia was first introduced as a syllable in 1995 by Ward Cunningham, a computer programmer.

Company Wikipedia
Founders Larry Sanger & Jimmy Wales
Founded on 15 January 2001
Country United States Of America
Headquarters San Francisco, Bay Area, Western US
CEO Katherine Maher
Company Type Non-Profitable

All activities on it are controlled by the Wikimedia Foundation, this foundation was established in 2003 to provide financial support to Wikipedia, with the formation of this foundation, changing the Wikipedia website to wikipedia.org went.

English Wikipedia was started on 2 January 2001 but it started in Hindi in the month of July, according to the report of November 2021, 1.7 billion internet users visit this website every month. an online encyclopedia Nupedia But Wikipedia later became the world’s most popular and non-profit website.

Larry Sanger

who owns wikipedia

Name Lawrence Mark Sanger
Date Of Birth 16 July 1968
Birth Place Bellevue Washington, US
Education Reed College (BA), Ohio State University (MA, PhD)
Founder Wikipedia
Children 2 sons
Board Member of Phunware (advisory board)
Famous For Co-Founder Nupedia, Co-Founder Wikipedia, Founder Citizendium
Occupation Internet Project Developer, Philosopher

Larry Sanger developed an interest in using the Internet for educational purposes while still in college. In 2000, he was elected editor-in-chief of the online encyclopedia Nupedia, frustrated with Nupedia’s slow progress, so he Wiki was proposed to be used.

And later he put articles through Nupedia’s peer-review process to receive this change. He was disillusioned with the process in 2002 and left it in 2002.

He has also been critical of the project since Larry Sanger left Wikipedia in 2007, describing it as “broken beyond repair”, arguing that Wikipedia, despite its merits, lacks the credibility for authority and expertise that it lacks. The reason behind is lack of respect.

He has fiercely criticized Wikipedia in his interviews for the years 2020 and 2021. He founded Citizendium in 2006 to compete with Wikipedia but stepped down as editor-in-chief in 2010, and in 2020 he completed Citizendium was abandoned.

In 2017 he joined Everpedia as Chief Information Officer but he resigned from this position in the year 2019, the reason behind this was to set up the Knowledge Standard Foundation and the encyclopedia. Currently he is the President and President of the Knowledge Standard Foundation. Working as Executive Director.

Jimmy Wales

who owns wikipedia

Name Jimmy Donal Wales
Date Of Birth 7 August 1966
Birth Place Huntsville, Alabama, US
Nickname Jimbo
Spouse Pamela Green (1986–93), Christine Rohan (1997–2011), Kate Garvey (2012–present)
Children 3 daughters
Board Member Of Wikimedia Foundation, Sunlight Foundation
Education Indiana University Bloomington, Auburn University (BS), University Of Alabama Tuscaloosa (MS)
Occupation Webmaster, Internet Entrepreneur, Financial Trader

Jimmy Wales has taught at 2 universities Jimmy after doing his PhD moved to a financial institution, shortly thereafter became the Director of Research in Chicago In 1996 a financial resource was made available through the partnership of two partners by the name of Bomis organization was established.

Later that organization created an open knowledge base providing organization called Nupedia and later its follow-up establishment. Wikipedia Nupedia was disbanded in 2003 and its articles were sent to Wikipedia.

Jimmy currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization, his father working as a grocery store manager and his mother Doris running a private school.

Initially he did his schooling from a small public school but after completing his graduation from a university he also obtained a master’s degree in finance. During his studies he also worked in a financial firm, for a few years. He also held the position of a director in a futures and options firm.

In the year 1996, he founded a web portal with two of his colleagues, along with it he had also provided funds for the establishment of Nupedia and Wikipedia in the early times, later Wikipedia developed very rapidly and it was a success. Reached new heights.

Features of Wikipedia

in present time Wikipedia Plays a very important role in increasing the knowledge base of common man Features of Wikipedia something like this

  • Wikipedia is a completely free online knowledge base, where you get information about every topic, whether it is science, culture, sports, business, politics, military, war.
  • Whatever information you want to know on Wikipedia and in whichever language you want to get information, you will find it very easily and absolutely free.
  • You do not need to go here and there to get the information, you can get the information sitting at home.
  • If you want to feel thrilled then you can try using its “Random Article” tool.

Other services provided by Wikimedia

Along with Wikipedia, many other types of services are provided by the Wikimedia Foundation to Internet users, which are as follows.


Wikibooks is a free collection of books on the Internet, people who are fond of reading books can easily read books here.


It is an online digital library, from here you can download the content in the form of books.


An idea has the ability to change your whole life, here you have been told many things based on the experience and knowledge of scientists, writers, businessmen, historians etc., and the collection of these is called Wikiquote.


Wikinews is a free and reliable source of movement all over the world, you can also write and publish news on wikinews.


Wiktionary is an online dictionary, built in English language to define all the languages ​​of the world.


Wikiversity is a learning project where education from pre-school level to university level is absolutely free, you can use the available material according to your language, class and subject.


What projects need to be created by the Wikimedia Foundation in the future How should it work and why should it work Meta-Wiki is a forum where these issues can be discussed openly. Here current projects and future projects are discussed in which Any person can participate.


Life on earth is found in many forms. We humans are one of the most evolved products of this process. Apart from us, there are different forms of life on earth, such as trees, plants, animals, forests, insects, birds etc.


You can also create your own Wikipedia through MediaWiki, it is a type of software that is available to everyone for free, with the help of which anyone can start their own wiki project.


This platform provides information about Wikipedia Foundation’s technology and documentation. No one is free to contribute to Wikitech, if you want to use this platform, first you need to create a Wikimedia developer account. Only after that you will be able to edit a page. This platform is very useful for those people who are interested to know about Wikipedia and web developers.

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