Who made WhatsApp? (Invention of WhatsApp)

A very simple app WhatsApp which has become the most popular messaging app today, leaving behind many giants like iMessage, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, LINE. But today we will know the history behind its creation like who created WhatsApp and why?

Who made WhatsApp?

Brian Acton and Jan Koum

Brian Acton And Jan Koum created WhatsApp in 2009. Born in Ukraine, Koum moved to America at the age of 16 and Acton was born in Michigan (US). This idea, which started by creating a status app for the iPhone, quickly joined the world’s largest company.

20 years before Acton and Koum, both of these Yahoo! but left his job to travel around the world. Later he applied for a job on Facebook but was unsuccessful. After that he realized the potential of App Store and thought of creating one.

He wanted to make an app that shows the status of different names of the users. They both went to Alex Fishman to discuss this idea. Who introduced him to Igor Solomennikov, a Russian iOS developer.

Then he succeeded in developing the iOS application and 24 February 2009 to California’WhatsApp inc‘ was included. Koum named the app WhatsApp so that it would sound like “what’s up”. But after that his initial journey was not so successful.

None of his friends liked it. Apart from this, issues like battery drain, app crashing, etc. were coming up. Koum became so frustrated that he started looking for a new job. But Acton encouraged him to wait a few more months.

WhatsApp Success Story in Hindi

In June 2009, Apple launched push notifications, Koum took advantage of this update and made some changes to WhatsApp, so that whenever a user changes their status on the application, push notifications will be sent to friends.

WhatsApp 2.0 was released with an instant messaging app. Which everyone liked and the number of active users suddenly increased to 250,000. With this the success story of WhatsApp started.

  • Acton became a co-founder and officially joined WhatsApp on 1 November.
  • The app was launched on the App Store for iPhone in November 2009.
  • It was then released for Symbian OS in May 2010 and for Android in August 2010.
  • By 2011, WhatsApp was among the top 20 apps in Apple’s US App Store.
  • In April 2011, Sequoia Capital invested approximately $8 million.
  • In 2013, WhatsApp acquired SkyMobius, the developer of a video and voice calling app.
  • By December 2013, it had 400 million active users.
  • In February 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion.
  • It became the world’s most popular messaging application by 2015.
  • In September 2017, its co-founders Brian Acton and in April 2018 Jan Koum left the company.
  • It currently has more than 2 billion users worldwide.

Who is the owner of WhatsApp?

This time Facebook He is the owner of WhatsApp. Which in 2014, acquired WhatsApp for about $19 billion. Earlier Jan Koum was its owner. In 2010, Google had also offered to acquire WhatsApp several times, which was rejected.

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